City Church Kids


Cubs: 1-3 years

Our Cubs leaders will help your little ones to experience God through a relaxed program involving craft activities, singing, dancing and play.

Lions: 4-6 years

Our Lions leaders use curriculums based on bible stories, videos, music and craft to engage your child and spark an interest in discovering God’s love for themselves.

Warriors: 7-12 years

Our Warriors leaders focus on teaching the Word of God to our children through a curriculum packed with praise, discovery, prayer and investigation.

Parent’s Rooms

We have a parent’s room fitted with couches, change tables, and toys to help make caring for your baby as comfortable as possible. Our parent’s room and breastfeeding room are each fitted with a television showing a live stream of the church service.

New To City Church?

We love meeting new families and having kids join our Children’s Ministry. When you first arrive at City Church Kids, we’ll add your child into our sign-in system, along with any dietary requirements, allergies or special needs.

Our Leaders

We have an incredible team of leaders who are dedicated to safely caring for our children. Every City Church volunteer or leader has obtained their Working with Children Check, processed by the NSW Government. For every program, we ensure that there are two or more leaders with the children at all times.

Child Protection

City Church is affiliated with the Australian Christian Churches in NSW and therefore operates all its children’s activities in accordance with the NSW ACC Child Safe & Friendly Policy. Please do not hesitate to contact one of our City Church Kids Leaders with any questions you may have about our services or your child.