This year the money raised will be directed towards sound equipment upgrades and replacement in the church auditorium at Mt Riverview. Just like any home that is aging there are things that require upgrade as the years pass by and the church building / equipment is no different.

 With the majority of our sound equipment approaching 20 years old, some equipment is now failing as its coming to the end of its lifecycle and with technology advancing rapidly these upgrades are much needed for us to have a reliable and sustainable sound system in the auditorium going forward.

 This is something that we have spoken about upgrading for a few years now and we believe it’s time to take a step of faith to ensure we will have a quality and reliable system for the years ahead. I’m excited about the benefits this equipment upgrade will bring to our services, the teams using it and the many people that will benefit from hearing the gospel proclaimed through it.

 The amount we require to cover the cost of the equipment upgrades and installation is $60,000.00.

 We’d love if you would join us in prayer and consider personally if you could be a part of this miracle. With God and a united church working together we believe it’s possible to see this happen!

 “God is building a home. He’s using us all – irrespective of how we got here – in what he is building” – Ephesians 2:19

 We will be receiving an offering in each Sunday service throughout the month of June. You can contribute via Cash, Cheque, Credit Card or Direct Deposit to the account details below and mark it as ‘Strengthening Home’ on the description:

 Account Name: City Church

BSB: 032 370

Account: 118571

Together as we ‘strengthen home’ we are benefitting the generations to come and creating an environment where people will find Jesus and a place to call home at City Church into the future. Our sacrifice is a seed and I’m believing our greatest days of harvest and progress are ahead of us.

 Let’s believe in faith together!